Reunion Cruise Survey #1

If you answer "No" to Question 1, please skip to Question 8 and send us your comments and suggestions.

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1)   * Would you participate in a Reunion cruise?

2)   When would you like to schedule a Reunion Cruise? Check all that would be OK.

  2020 (probably Fall)
3)   What length of cruise? Check all that would be OK.

  3 nights
  4 nights
  5 nights
4)   Which destinations would you consider? Please check all that would be OK.

  Canada/New England
  Caribbean (Key West, Cozumel)
5)   Where would you want the cruise to start? Please check all that would be OK. Note: Cruise will start and end at the same port.

  New York/New Jersey
  Miami/Fort Lauderdale
6)   What rate (including mandatory tips) would be your maximum? Remember, this includes room, meals, entertainment and double occupancy represents an opportunity to enjoy the event with your spouse, significant other, good friend or a traveling companion.

  $600/ person, double occupancy
  $750/person, double occupancy
  $850/person, double occupancy
7)   Any comments or suggestions regarding a Reunion cruise?

8)   What other ideas do you have for a Reunion (other than a cruise)?